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Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery

The doctors at Modern Smiles provide all types of oral surgery. They have all been very extensively trained and are highly skilled in performing surgery in even the most challenging cases. They are also trained in all aspects of corrective dentistry regarding oral surgery, making sure that our patients are as pain free and comfortable as possible throughout their procedure. Our dentist provides the highest standard of care for every single patient. We are proud to serve people of all ages, from young children to the elderly.

Extraction and Exposure of Teeth

Teeth that are very badly damaged due to trauma or decay may be too difficult to restore and impossible to save and in the end must be removed. Modern Smiles uses the most modern techniques to ensure that this is done safely and as comfortably as possible. Removing wisdom teeth is the most common form of extraction. A tooth can sometimes be in an unusual spot, maybe only discoverable with an x-ray. When this occurs exposing the tooth is necessary to move it to where it belongs. Teeth can even be transplanted from one spot in the mouth to another.

Dental Implants

For people with a missing tooth or even several missing teeth, dental implants can seem like a miracle. They are a wonderful tooth replacement option, which avoids the frustration of dealing with bridges and dentures. Once in place they maintain normal jaw functioning and look very natural.

If you are missing teeth and are tired of having loose dentures dental implants may be a great option for you. Modern Smiles can coordinate with your primary dentist in determining the best way to move forward to give you the best outcome functionally and cosmetically. If you don’t currently have a primary dentist, we can certainly refer you to a highly qualified one in Rockville to meet all your dental needs.

Oral Lesions – Cancer Screening

Most people are not aware that oral cancer occurs more frequently than cervical cancer. It is very easily treated especially when found at an early stage. 

You may have noticed or felt something odd inside your mouth. If so you should see your dentist immediately for a complete examination. A tiny piece of tissue from the area should be removed and sent for analysis by a pathologist to determine if this is a benign tumor or cancer. If this is diagnosed and treated early you can avoid major surgical procedures and certainly save your life!