• Testimonials

  • Modern Smiles is awesome! The service is great! Modern Smiles has made dentist visits a welcoming, comfortable, and actually enjoyable experience. There are tv's hooked up with amazon prime, netflix, music channels and more- so that you can watch movies, shows, etc. of your choice while you are getting your work done. I recently went in for teeth whitening and the dentist and staff remembered that I was doing this for my upcoming wedding (I booked the appointment months ago) and were so excited and kind to me while I was there. Also my pearly whites are gleaming! I highly recommend this dental office. All smiles over here! :) :) :)


  • I absolutely love Dr. Forghani and the team at Modern Smiles. Everyone is so welcoming and accommodating from the receptionist to the dental assistants. The practice is sooo nice and beautiful. Wide, clean and open spaces with great design and you can tell they spent time thinking about best ways to make patients feel comfortable. I had to fill cavities and the first appointment took almost two hours, but the office does bore you in an empty room but asked me what I would like to watch on the tv service specifically for doctors offices, and I watched a great Korean movie. How special, what an experience at the dentist. You can tell they thought about the details. Dr. Forghani is very nice and has a brilliant welcoming smile. He spends time explaining everything to his patients. He's patient, trustworthy, transparent and observant. Best of all he is very relatable and personable. I have enjoyed every time I visited. Thanks for the great care.

    F. M.

  • From the moment I walked into Modern Smiles I knew I was at the right place. I arrived a few minutes early but was immediately taken back for my appointment. The dental hygienist was extremely thorough and more importantly careful while cleaning my teeth. First time I have ever left a dentist office with a smile on my face. I've also had a crown done with Dr Forghani and his knowledge and experience made the entire process go very smoothly. He not only was precise with his work, he would also walk me through every step which made all the anxiety go away. The process from making the appointments, to having the work done and follow ups were all seamless. The office is exceptionally clean with modern decor and all the equipment is very high end. I'm glad I finally found my go to dental practice at Modern Smiles.

    William H.

  • Ali Forghani, D.D.S., of Modern Smiles located at 130 Rollins Avenue, #H-2, in Rockville, Maryland, has been my dentist for many years. I vividly remember my first appointment with him, as the office where he worked at that time had run out of nitrous. I had always been seen by other dentists at that office, and was fearful of dental procedures, such as fillings, root canals, and extractions without the administration of nitrous. Dr. Forghani assured me that I would feel no pain but that if I did, he would stop and I could reschedule. I was skeptical, but he was so gentle during the administration of Novocain. He kept me informed as to what he was doing, as well as asking if I was alright. Dr. Forghani really appreciated my fear of the process. The entire process was painless, and I never again asked for nitrous. My husband, who avoided going to the dentist, was seen by Dr. Forghani and experienced a pain-free implant, root canal, and crown. He is now making regular appointments as he was so impressed by Dr. Forghani. Dr. Forghani and his staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced with insurance. Their new office in Rockville is modern, easily accessible, and offers plenty of parking. They are open on Saturdays, as well as during the week until 5 pm, which is important for patients like us who work during the day and have difficulty taking off work early for a dental appointment.

    Sandra T.

  • Modern Smiles is great, especially for families! The place is fairly new, REALLY nice and clean! The decor is even nice. Location is easy with plenty of parking. The equipment seems very "state of the art" and there are flat screen tv's in each room that you can watch during your appointment. Dr. Forghani himself is extremely nice, gentle, and knowledgeable. He makes you feel very comfortable and explains things thoroughly, so that it is easy to understand. He'll show you images on the computer to help visualize what is going on. Also, my 2 year old and 4 year old daughters are very comfortable with him and his staff. They don't even cry! AND sometimes they have special treats/goods for the kids after their appointments. It. Is. Awesome.

    Jennifer K.

  • Just went in for my cleaning over the weekend and as always, a pleasant visit! Dr Forghani and his staff are very professional and knowledgeable but extremely friendly at the same time. He talks you through the procedure as he works, always making sure you are comfortable. He also takes the time to speak with you afterwards to answer any of your questions. My wife was always so nervous about visiting the dentist but that was before Modern Smiles! The office is spotless and the technology is modern. They take extra care that everything is sanitary. A TV in each patient's room and you get to control the remote! Open on Saturdays. Can't be beat. You just feel awesome after your visit!


  • Highly recommend this office. Really professional and expert staff with modern technology. The TVs are a great touch. My two little girls, age 4 and 2, were also surprisingly very cooperative. They look forward to doing a good job so they can pick a prize from the treasure chest.

    Tony K.